Your Customer Journey

Last week I was sat in Tel Aviv airport, after our annual holiday to visit the in-laws, and once again the Israeli’s have created a hospitality email. Getting me thinking about how your Customer Journey flows?

This time its all-around Efficiency and getting food at the airport.

Make your customer Journey easier.
Make your customer Journey easier.

So firstly, picture this.

I am sat with 800 + other passengers waiting for our Homewood flight, however rather than saving myself for Easy Jets finest gourmet treats, I thought the family and I could get some food from the only (yes only) food outlet.

As it was the only food outlet, imagine the queue of hungry people waiting to order – At least 30 of us.

However, this is not the beef – about the queue.

It’s about, how the Queue could be managed better.

There was no menu, so as I am stood there for 15 + minutes, an ideal opportunity to choose what was going to feed the Cann’s grumbling bellies.

So for 15 minutes, I could have selected what to eat, rather than looking gormlessly into my phone screen.

BUT, instead, I had to make up my mind when I got to the till and found a pile of menus lying on the side.

Causing more of a wait for the 35 people that had built up behind me.

So, putting my efficiency hat on, what would I have done better?

A menu card next to the barriers, where we were queuing?

A pile of menus on a stand as you entered the queue? Which could have been returned as you got to the till?

A screen, with the menu on, which was in vue of all of the queue?

So many choices.

It’s funny when you have been in hospitality for so long, how you can pick up on easy wins.

What are your customers experiencing?

It may be worth spending 5 minutes standing in your customer’s shoes, to see if you have any easy wins?

What does your Customer Journey look and feel like?

Just food for thought..