Why set New Years Resolutions? (You’re only going to fail!)

Every New Year one thing that happens in most people’s minds is what am I going to change this coming year.

What New Years Resolution can I set myself up to fail at!Fail

Fail at, that’s right, because, come on let’s be honest with ourselves, the Gym looks really appealing for the first couple of days.

Or that drinks cabinet is looking bare – so going dry for a month will be easy?

Apart from Daves’s birthday on January 25th.

All of these same old same old scenarios played out in my mind this New Year, however, I wanted to turn it on its head this New Year.

Why not think.

What 3 things are you most proud of that you achieved in 2019?

‘That is a good question’ has been the reply from a number of my friends.

So to let you know a little bit about my 2019 here they are, in no particular order.

1. Starting Laughter Yoga – Running several BIG events including 200 gigglers at WOMAD.

2. Completing the 3 Peak Challenge – Although it was not under 24hrs, it certainly was a BIG achievement for me.

3. Committing to the London Marathon 2020 – including running a 10-mile road race (which I have never done before)

So there you have it – The 3 things that I am proud of.

I encourage you to take 5 minutes out of your day and have a think about what your 3 things are.

It would be also great to reply and let me know, as it’s great to hear about people’s success.

It makes me feel all warm inside.