Why Being An Agency Chef Is A Career Choice

Bristol Chef Agency

Hi Chef,

You’re reading this blog post because you’re probably not sure about working as a temporary Chef and working at a Chef agency, as to you maybe “temp” means temporary and therefore it’s not full-time hours and money.

Now, I just wanted to let you know that here at Back-2-Front we’ve got at least 10 Chefs that have worked for us for at least 4 years, and that’s on-going for 4 years. So although we are a temp Chef agency we’ve got a lot of Chefs that are doing 40+ hours every single week.

Now I’ve got my calculator out, because not only are they doing 40 hours a week, we actually pay the most competitive rate out there- we pay £11 for our CDPs. If you are a bit higher than that position then it changes the rate.

Let’s take £11 as a basic rate, plus you get 12% holiday pay, so that’s £12.42 for every hour that you work for us.

So 12.42 times 40 hours per week (now you know as a Chef that you don’t do 40 hours per week) = £496.80, times that by 52 weeks of the year = £25,833.

That’s £25,000 working as a temp Chef.

– Getting paid weekly
– Decide where you work
– Decide when you work
– Evenings & weekends off

This is all I wanted to let you know, that as a temp Chef- don’t look at it as temporary, look at it as a career choice. The Chefs that we have working for us on-going for 4 or 5 years -that’s what they look at it as- a career choice. They like the flexibility to pick and choose their shifts, to be able to have the weekends off with their family, have the evenings off to be able to enjoy their social life. But knowing that every Friday they get paid.

So that’s all I wanted to do, share with the world about temp Chef agency, it’s not just temporary cover.. It is a career choice.