What Is A Temp Chef?

Temp Chef, Temporary Chef, Relief Chef

Today I thought I would share with you what a Temp Chef is (otherwise known as a Temporary Chef or a Relief Chef).

Rather than just doing it by myself I thought that I would coordinate my team to tell you 1 by 1 what they think a Temp Chef is..

Orla Murphy-
Chef Consultant

“To me a Temp Chef is a person who wants to have their own flexibility in their life- they can control their work-life balance. Not being stuck with long hours if they don’t want to do them.”

Gary Tredgett-
Social Director

“A Temp Chef is usually a Chef who wants to work flexible/temporary hours.. but it doesn’t have to mean that when working for Back-2-Front. They can work full-time hours if they want to- the choice is theirs. I would say that half of our Chefs work full-time hours and over- sometimes even 60 or 70 hours per week, but they are getting paid for every hour they work and that’s the difference.”

Pete Cann-
Managing Director

“Whilst I’m waiting for Chef Consultant, Rachel to come into the office to let me know what she thinks, here is what I think 1 of the benefits of being a Temp Chef is..

Temporary Chefs get to work in different venues, so you don’t get caught in the day-to-day politics. If you don’t want to work in a venue anymore then you can give us a call and ask to be placed elsewhere.”

Rachel Manaton-
Chef Consultant

“A Temp Chef is somebody who is self-motivated, able to adapt to different settings, just go in and crack on, likes variety and get the job done.”

Rachel House-

“My definition of a Temporary Chef is somebody who doesn’t have to work in the same job all the time, he or she can work in a variety of different venues.”

Interested in joining Back-2-Front as a Temporary Chef? Give us a call on 0117 904 1001.