What are your Lolli Pops?

LollyLast week we ran out of lollies in the office, and things did not feel right.

Lollies? Pete?

I hear you ask, why is such a BIG issue?

Well, we have a box of lollies at the front door for any visitors to the Back-2-Front office. Giving them a little thank you for popping in and seeing us.

Now, the thank you does not stop with any Chef that pops by to see us.

No, we thank anyone who comes by with parcels, packages, post or just to clean the windows.

Believe me, when I say it makes a massive difference to their body language and general vibe.

Especially our post lady, she always is very grateful for the sweet treat and shares her happy smile with us.

Why and I sharing this with you?

Well, Courtesy is one of our values, and it really does run deep within our culture, saying thank you to each other, opening doors, offering to make the tea and do the washing up.

It really does make a difference to how our day pans out.

My question this week is….

Do you have any values that help guide your workplace, family or personal life?

We all have them, however, you sometimes need to think about it a bit deeper to understand what they are.

Food for thought.

So the lollies are back at the front door, when are you coming to have one?