Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Coffee is a big seller

I think it’s fair to say that every High Street in the country these days has at least one place where you can buy a decent cup of coffee. My local street currently has four! Up from two only six months ago.Coffee is a big seller

When you look at the facts and figures and the potential profits involved in selling coffee and associated products, you can see why these shops have exploded onto our streets. With pubs closing at an alarming rate, coffee shops are the place in which more and more people are choosing to socialise. Far from being a fad, coffee shops are fast becoming a part of the social fabric of the UK.

And it’s a business area that looks far from becoming saturated.

At the moment, Britons consume 2.8kg of coffee per head. This is a fraction of the 7kg consumed in Germany, 7.1kg in Sweden and 5.5kg in France. So there is still great potential in the coffee market in this country to increase sales for a long time to come.

Which brings me onto the potential profits in the coffee market.

On average, a 6 oz (240ml) cup of latte of cappucino costs about 14p to make (8p on the coffee, 6p on the milk). If you sale that cup for £2.20 you’re looking at a profit, after first taking off VAT, of £1.83 or a stonking 92.3% gross profit!!

And that is just the start. Associated goods such as cake, muffins and cookies are all big sellers for coffee shops. Most coffee shops target coffee as only 40% of weekly sales. If you make sure the goods are close to the point of sale you’ll give yourself the best chance to make multiple sales and further increase your profits.

So if you’re not selling coffee in your establishment, maybe now is a good time to get involved in this fast growing market.

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