My Bristol Chef Agency thoughts

Last night, whilst taking a break from running my Bristol Chef Agency, I stopped at Cribbs Causway, dropping in after a weekend away with the family celebrating a friend’s 40th Birthday.

Trying to find a parking space took a while, as the car park for the cinema and restaurant complex was chock a block, which got me thinking.Bristol Chef Agency

Do you remember the days when the last few weeks of January used to be quiet – with many people not eating out until payday? Our Bristol Chef Agency certainly used to have a quiet month due to the time of the year.

Having a quick look at my calendar I can see that most people were paid last on Friday 20th Jan (the week before Christmas), then its time to wait for 6 whole weeks until the monthly pay packet hits your account.

So why was every restaurant was packed – on a Sunday night!

Now I know that location had a big part to play when it came to the demand on tables, however, I still found it encouraging that people were out and about on a Sunday night, willing to spend money on eating out.

Our Bristol Chef Agency certainly has seen a rise in numbers this January, where usually things quiet down considerably, this Jan has seen a consistent number of customers booking chefs from us each week.

It shows that the economy is still in a good place, and people are willing to spend on eating out, keeping the Chefs at our Bristol Chef Agency busy, where usually they are taking time off.

How does your kitchen fair?

Is the ticket machine dancing to the beat of busy times, or has it been a hard month for you?

Do you struggle with finding good Chefs to work through January, or have you got your Chefs rota all nailed down?

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this.

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