The Misuse Of TripAdvisor


A restauranteurs worst nightmare… A bad TripAdvisor review.

Created in year 2000 TripAdvisor is the World’s biggest online forum dedicated to posting the good, bad and the ugly of reviews for world of hospitality.

There’s 2 types of people that go on TripAdvisor. Those who go on there to write genuine positive reviews about somewhere, which are good for a business. And then those who go on their purely out of spite to write a crap review about how appalling the place is… just because the waitress was a little bit slow or they forgot any extras on the food order.

TripAdvisor can be a really useful tool to get a decent review on somewhere that you want to visit, but a lot of the time it’s used in the wrong ways. Angry customers just take to TripAdvisor after a bad experience to vent their fury and become the ultimate keyboard warrior, rather than dealing with the situation at the time and reporting it to the GM there and then.

Customers also seem to forget that they themselves can also be quite rude, they’re very quick to point out a waitress/waiter’s mistake… But I’m sure if whoever was serving them could list what problems they had with the table then a few things would come up for sure. Such as not saying thank you, being indecisive and general rudeness as well.

When writing this I came across an article about a Hotel in Scotland. The couple had titled the review “nightmare!” and went on to say it was “the worst experience ever” and advised anyone to “stay clear of this hotel”. They commented that it was “very poorly managed” and “extremely disappointed”. The owner was so disappointed with the 1* review that he wrote a 900 word reply revealing that the couple went on a “criminal rampage” through the local streets and went to mention that the husband was “charged with threatening behaviour, criminal damage and breach of the peace”. There’s always two sides to every story! The hotel owner does like TripAdvisor and thinks that if people have a “genuine grievance they should make their comments known.”

The moral of the story is be careful what you post on the internet. Whatever you write stays there forever for anyone to see. Don’t take to TripAdvisor in anger, sort the problem out there and then.

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