The Follow-Up

Follow up 2

Every restaurant should have a good follow-up in place. Not only is this your chance to make sure your customer is happy with their experience, but it is also an excellent opportunity for your FOH staff to up-sell.

All to often the follow-up can be forgotten, especially if you’re busy or short staffed. By having a system in place, you can ensure this up-sell opportunity is never lost.

One establishment that has a very successful follow up system in place is a popular Portuguese Chicken chain that appears on many high streets up and down the U.K.

When you take a seat at this restaurant, a chicken on a stick is placed on your table. Your food order is then delivered to your table. Later, your follow-up will be carried out and at that point the chicken on a stick is removed. The chicken on a stick is an easy visual reminder to all staff that the follow-up, and in turn the up-sell opportunity, needs to be carried out.

A simple but very effective system that ensures the follow-up is never missed.

The Back-2-Front team are big fans of this restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, but the service and quality is consistent. In all the years we’ve been coming here, the follow-up has never been missed. So, for the benefit of research we went along and put the chicken on a stick system to the test.

When we were seated and given the chicken on a stick, we simply removed it from the table. Our food was delivered and we ate. But with the chicken on a stick removed, no one came to the table to follow-up.

I think this is a great indication of just how effective this system is. It makes life easier for FOH staff to immediately see what needs to be done for each table. This restaurant chain must be doing something right, with profits reaching £33m in 2013!

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