The Benefits Of Nursery Children Visiting Care Homes

Making Stuff

Children from Becket Hall Day Nursery in Bristol have been making headlines by visiting their local Nursing Home, Osborne Court Care Home.

The elderly residents and children do various activities together, such as making Valentine’s Day cards, telling stories, singing and playing games.

The Nursery Manager has been quoted in saying: “The Relationship is beautiful.” between them.

It’s clear that both generations benefit from spending time together, some of the benefits include:

Telling Stories

1. The Residents Teach Valuable Life Lessons

What better way for children to learn important life lessons, than to learn from wise elderly people who have lived a long and interesting life- who have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Children love stories, and Care Home residents have hundreds of them!


2. It Makes Children Learn To Respect Their Elders

Some children may not have interaction with elderly people in their day-to-day life, and therefore may not be taught to respect their elders. However, if interacting with older people is part of their education, then they can be taught to respect their elders. If the children are having fun and learning with the residents, then their respect for each other will grow naturally.

Making Stuff

3. Both Generations Are Entertained

Many residents may not have any grandchildren in their life, and would otherwise miss out on the joys of being entertained by children. Similarly, children at the nursery may not have grandparents in their life- and would otherwise miss out on the entertainment that the older generation can provide.

Us here Back-2-Front Chef Recruitment Agency think that this is a beautiful interaction between 2 generations, and think that other nurseries around the UK and the world should also visit Care Homes and do the same thing!