Sunday Roasting


I have a little tale I’d like to share with you.

Me and the family have been visiting the same restaurant for well over three years. We love it there and to be honest, I always order the same thing.

Isn’t it funny how as humans we do this? Stick with what we know, take the safe option.
Well, the last time we visited I took the extended family for a Sunday roast. I had no worries, I knew it was going to be good. Only this time, slowly (very slowly as it turned out) but surely, I was disappointed.

First off, we weren’t greeted by the usual happy smiley waiting staff, but instead we were grunted at to wait until they could find us a table. Hmm, strange, been coming here for 3 odd years, wasn’t expecting that. But hey, ho, we all have bad days, right?

Once they managed to find us a table I went with the same thing I always order, roast beef
with all the trimmings. Then the wait began…

Forty five minutes later, there’s still no sign of the food. The kids were hungry and causing enough chaos to empty any restaurant. We noticed we were not the only table to be twitching. Nor were we alone with our rubbernecking every time the kitchen door swung open. What made things worse is that we could smell what we couldn’t see. So close, yet so far…

When the food finally arrived it was not to the same standard as we had come to love and expect.
The roast beef was tough, the vegetables way too soft. The roasties and the yorkies were like bullets. And by that I mean they flew off the plate when I tried to cut them!

Will we be going back again?

Maybe. Maybe not.

We’ve already found a new place for a Sunday Roast and they’ve hit the mark every time.

What a shame after three years as a loyal customer. I feel sad that our ‘relationship’ was soured by this experience. I feel let down, like the restaurant didn’t care about me because I was a loyal customer.

My point with this tale of woe is that every customer matters. Treat every customer who comes through your door like a long lost friend; welcome them, look after them, make them feel special.

Sometimes, long lost friends stay lost and never return.


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