How To Deal With Problem Staff


The hardest part of dealing with problem staff is confronting the problem employee and dealing with them, as this can be quite daunting. So I’ve done my research and complied a list of steps you can go through if you’re faced with having this dreaded task. On a piece of paper, whiteboard or even wordRead More »

7 Traits of Successful Restaurant Managers

Rest Manager

Restaurant management is a difficult task. The long hours, hectic atmosphere and constant interaction – often in tight spaces – are suited to specific personality types and characteristics. Successful restaurant leaders exemplify a variety of management skills. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to hire a new manager, or a restaurant manager who wants toRead More »

Reboot Your Brand This Autumn


The nights are drawing in and the air is crisp. The shops have been selling Christmas products since the end of the school holidays. Autumn is well and truly here. With Summer now a distant memory your menu and your restaurant should reflect the change in seasons. It you haven’t done so already, now isRead More »

Restaurant Quick Tips


Does the restaurant or pub you have just taken over suffer from a bad reputation? Is it dirty, tacky, or just run down? You won’t attract the right customers if you don’t have the right image. But the good news is, image problems can be fixed. Below are some things to consider about the imageRead More »

Top 10 Restaurant Management Tips

Restaurant management tips

Good managers do not appear overnight. Sometimes, restaurant managers need instruction and practice in order to effectively run the business, supervise employees and satisfy customers. Here’s ten ways in which restaurant managers can improve their business: Manage Costs Effectively In order to run a successful business, the managing costs are critical. These include labour, foodRead More »