The Misuse Of TripAdvisor


A restauranteurs worst nightmare… A bad TripAdvisor review. Created in year 2000 TripAdvisor is the World’s biggest online forum dedicated to posting the good, bad and the ugly of reviews for world of hospitality. There’s 2 types of people that go on TripAdvisor. Those who go on there to write genuine positive reviews about somewhere,Read More »

Menu Description Dilemma

Do you have menu description dilemma?

So how long should your menu description really be? Normally longer than you think, but still short and sweet! I’m sure all restauranteurs go through this dilemma. Your prime object is to invite the customer, offering them an enticing description that easily persuades them into ordering the dish. How hard is it really to orderRead More »

7 Traits of Successful Restaurant Managers

Rest Manager

Restaurant management is a difficult task. The long hours, hectic atmosphere and constant interaction – often in tight spaces – are suited to specific personality types and characteristics. Successful restaurant leaders exemplify a variety of management skills. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to hire a new manager, or a restaurant manager who wants toRead More »

8 Tips For Creating An Amazing Menu

8 tips to create an amazing menu

The one piece of advertising that your customers are certain to see, is essential to the success of your restaurant. Great restaurant menu designs can enhance a dining experience, help customers make satisfying choices and stimulate appetite. However, a menu is more than just a list of the dishes a restaurant has available; it’s alsoRead More »

Marketing Tool To Avoid

Marketing tool to avoid..

In this week’s blog we look at one marketing tool to avoid. Avoid offering general discounts to repeat customers This may seem like a strange thing to say and probably goes against a lot of people’s views on marketing for repeat customers, but in our experience discounting is probably the least effective marketing tool youRead More »

Keeping Customers Coming Back For More

Keeping customers coming back for more..

Did you know that although repeat guests typically only account for about 15% of a business’s customer base, they are usually providing at least 1/3 of the revenue? Regular customers are the most desirable patrons because they already like your product. They like it so much that they keep coming, and they also tend toRead More »