Marketing Tool To Avoid

Marketing tool to avoid..

In this week’s blog we look at one marketing tool to avoid. Avoid offering general discounts to repeat customers This may seem like a strange thing to say and probably goes against a lot of people’s views on marketing for repeat customers, but in our experience discounting is probably the least effective marketing tool youRead More »

Keeping Customers Coming Back For More

Keeping customers coming back for more..

Did you know that although repeat guests typically only account for about 15% of a business’s customer base, they are usually providing at least 1/3 of the revenue? Regular customers are the most desirable patrons because they already like your product. They like it so much that they keep coming, and they also tend toRead More »

Find Out What Customers Want

Find out what your customers want..

If you’re looking to keep on top of all aspects of your customer’s experience, consider using customer comment cards to help you. Comment cards are an opportunity for customers to both praise your restaurant and make suggestions. They offer instant feedback for servers, food and atmosphere. While you will receive criticism, many restaurant staff willRead More »

How To Fill Those Empty Seats

How to fill those empty seats..

In the restaurant industry, empty tables are money down the drain. Empty chairs also send out a signal to potential customers that there is a problem with the establishment. If you can fill your chairs, every night, not only will you be a success, you’ll also look successful and that will generate even more business.Read More »

Keeping your Restaurant Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty

Customers can be divided into new customers and repeat customers. Attracting new ones is very important, but since over 60% of customers of a successful restaurant are repeat ones, it is evident where the focus needs to be placed. Customer savvy restaurants and bars are cottoning on to the fact that offering ‘loyalty incentives’ to their customer base drivesRead More »