How To Get Your Restaurant Ready For Summer


Summer is slowly creeping up on us, are you ready for it? Here are some tips on how you can get your restaurant ready for the busy summer season.

1. Menu Overhaul– People love going out during the summer months for lunch. If the menu is the same throughout the year then diners are going to get bored of it fairly soon. Rethink your menu to be in sync with the summer season. Have a look at what fresh seasonal fruit and veg is around and utilise these. During the warmer months people most likely won’t want to eat how wintery meals such as casserole or even a chilli. Instead go for foods like pasta, salads or ‘light bites’.

2. Deals, Deals, Deals– Price plays a huge part in people’s decision on whether or not they’ll venture out to you. To entice current and new customers you should consider putting a few offers on the menu, such as ‘buy one get one free’, ‘3 for 2’ or even having a 2 or 3 course meal for a set price. People will be ramming through the door to take you up on these great deals and might even stay for a pint or two after.

3. Outside Space– If you’re fortunate to have some outside space at your restaurant, or even luckier to have a garden then you need to take this space to your advantage. Get that space summer ready by jet washing the paving flags to remove debris, replacing any broken table or chairs or even giving them a fresh coat of paint if needs be. An awning would be a great investment to provide shade and also keep your customers dry from the typically British summer. Maybe even a patio heater as well for those windy summer nights.

4. Deep Clean– With all of that British sun shining through your windows you will definitely be wanting to give your restaurant a good scrub! Especially focusing on areas such as windows and doors where the light comes through. Use this time as well to pull stoves and units out to get behind them and clean all the muck away.

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