Putting the Pro into Procrastinate


I’m probably teaching my grandma to suck eggs, right? Everyone knows that if you spend your time surfing the web, or updating your Facebook page you ain’t gonna be getting sh!t done!

But sometimes we do slip into bad habits and find we aren’t as productive as we could be. There could be many reasons for this; you could be so busy you can’t see a way through your workload, a lack of energy or motivation or sometimes you don’t want to do something because you know it’s going to be difficult.

I’ve got some experience of that last one that I’d like to share with you.

A while ago we had someone working in the team who really did put the pro in procrastinate. They’d happily carry out the parts of the job they enjoyed, but would find any excuse to put off the parts of the job they struggled with.

The excuses that this person came up with were epic. They must have spent more time thinking up the excuses not to do it, than the time it would have taken to just get on and do it!

But of course, they weren’t the only procrastinator in this story. I dragged my heels over the issue so much I had to buy new shoes!

Did I spend my time and money sending this person on a course? Did I focus more of my time training this person in house, sit with them and go through the role thoroughly, or did I leave them and hope that it just clicked (the easier and cheapest option but without a doubt the option of the procrastinator)?

You can guess which option I went for.

As my heels rubbed on the carpet, the problem got bigger. The bigger the problem got, the more I procrastinated.

Then I did some sums. I worked out what the problem was costing the business.


Thirty Thousand Pounds

In salary costs, refunds and rebates to customers, stock costs, etc, etc.

I haven’t even totted up what the cost was to our reputation.

But with this evidence I was finally able to act. I was shocked into action; stopped procrastinating and became productive. I resolved the problem. I made a difficult decision that should have been made months before.

So I guess the old saying is very true, ‘Never put off’ till tomorrow, what you can do today’.

A valuable but very expensive lesson has been learnt.

Ladies and Gents, that’s time…

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