New Year, New Job


Is your New Year’s Resolution to find a new Chef job? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We are extremely busy here at Back-2-Front and are set to be even busier in 2018, and we don’t plan on putting our feet up just yet..

So, why should you work for Back-2-Front?

1. Get paid for every hour that you work-
Are you tired of working long unsociable hours in the kitchen and receiving a pay slip that doesn’t reflect all the hours that you have worked? Back-2-Front make sure that you get paid for every hour that you work, paying you an increased hourly rate compared to other agencies.

2. Work in a variety of different places-
Temporary Chef work is very varied and no job will ever be the same. One day you could be working in a school cooking for the elderly, the next day you could be working at a school cooking for children. This means you will never get bored of your job. We have Chef work available all across Bristol, Bath, Taunton and the surrounding area.

3. We keep you busy-
We regularly supply Chefs to care homes, which are open 365 days per year, which means that our Chefs are regularly in demand throughout the year. You could potentially be working 5-6 days per week if you want to, even when the rest of the industry gets quiet. However, if you want to work in other venues such as restaurants, hotels and schools then we have plenty of work available!

4. Choose when you take time off-
Although we like to keep our Chefs busy, and offer as much work as possible- Back-2-Front Chefs can take time off whenever they wish. Which means that you will be able to have evenings & weekends free should you choose, giving you a better work-life balance- which is very rare for Chefs!

5. Quarterly bonus-
That’s right- here at Back-2-Front we reward our Chefs with a quarterly bonus, giving them a good reason to work for us!

Start 2018 off right by calling us on 0117 904 1001 for an informal chat about what catering work you are looking for, or by applying online.