Need a DBS Checked Care Home Chef? Here’s Why You Should Use Back-2-Front.

Care Home Eating

I wanted to share with you what Back-2-Front do differently with regards to supplying Chefs to care homes.

Some Chefs have the following mindset with regards to working in care homes:

“I’ve just got to blend some food, boil something within 2 inches of its life and then serve it.”

Mealtime is the highlight of every care home resident’s day. We decided to create a “Nutrition for the Elderly” course, for all of our Chefs to complete before they work in a care home. First of all to give them the knowledge and understanding of working in that environment. It can be quite daunting working in a care home- especially if you come from a restaurant background where everything is fast paced and ticket lined or the stress level is slightly different. It’s a different type of environment working in a care home kitchen- you’ve got a deadline to hit- the residents are used to having lunch at the same time every single day, it’s consistent and routine and important for our ageing population to have their meals at that time.

What we realised was if we could educate our Chefs into understanding the importance of making sure the nutrition was in the food, how to prepare all the different textures, how to deal with elderly people who have diabetes or dysphagia and how to interact in a care home environment then it would give our Chefs that little bit more knowledge and clarity before they step foot into a care home- it makes all the difference.

The feedback that we have had from the Chefs have been amazing- they have found the nutrition for the elderly course very useful- giving them the knowledge to confidentially walk into a care home kitchen and do a good job.

A lot of care homes that we supply Chefs to have been really impressed with the quality of Chefs we are supplying, and have even had residents write our Chefs letters to say how good the food was. This means a lot to the Back-2-Front team, as we know we are doing the right thing.

Our mission is for every Chef that gets sent out to care homes to pass our Nutrition for the Elderly course.

If you need any DBS checked Chefs at your care home in Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Swindon, Cardiff and the surrounding areas then give us a call on 0117 904 1001, or fill out our quote form.