Mystery Diner


Using a mystery diner is a really effective way to assess your restaurant and the level of customer service that you offer. Mystery diners provide restaurants with regular in depth analysis of their service, plus an overall perception of their operation, through the eyes of genuine customers.

Good mystery diners can be worth their weight in gold. These people are usually real diners with an appetite for eating out and good customer service. Depending on your type of business, they know just what to expect from their dining experience; from first impressions, the exterior, interior, marketing information and menus, branding, cleanliness and ambience, through to customer service, value, food presentation, quality and FOH knowledge on menu items.

A quick Google search will reveal a whole host of companies who will provide a business with mystery diners. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get detailed feedback on your own business. Look to trusted friends, maybe those you know from the industry, to become mystery diners. If you have loyal customers, ask them to report back on their experience in return for a free meal. By doing this, you’re letting them know just what you think of their loyalty and giving them a free meal. If they were loyal before, they’ll be bonded by the end of the mystery dining experience!

Mystery dining might appear daunting to some people but as long as you have compiled the right kind of response sheet, asking questions on areas that you’re keen to find out are working efficiently, then the task should be no hardship. Just ask for honest responses to your questionnaire.

We’ve compiled a few examples of questions that will hopefully get you thinking about just what you could get from a mystery diner…


First impressions:

  • Was the restaurant entrance clean and tidy?
  • Was it welcoming?
  • We’re you greeted in a pleasant manner?
  • Did you feel like you were a valued customer?
  • Was the host neat and tidy?
  • Were they polite?


After being seated did your server:

  • Arrive within one or two minutes to take your order?
  • Extend a warm greeting and introduce themselves by name?
  • Convey the feeling that you were a valued customer?
  • Was your table clean and set up as you would expect?

When taking your order, did your server:

  • Suggest any specials that were on offer?
Let you know of any deals currently on offer?
  • Did they appear knowledgable about the menu items?
  • Repeat back the order?
  • Thank you for your order?

During service:

  • Did your server bring any drinks orders with 3-6 minutes?
  • Did they check back after you had been served starters?
  • Did they remain attentive and available throughout service?
  • Did they clear dirty dishes in a timely manner?



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