My Top 6 Kitchen Pet Peeves

Chef Kitchen Pet Peeves

Chef Kitchen Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves that annoy us in the kitchen, so for today’s blog post, I thought that I would jot down a few of mine that I have had over the years of working as a Chef in professional kitchens.

1. Cling Film
The amount of times that I have found the cling film in a complete mess in the dispenser. Simply taking the time to pull the cling film out correctly would save so much hassle for the next person who has to then take the cling film out of the dispenser and unravel all the wasted of clingfilm that has now clumped at the end of the roll.

2. Blue Roll
It’s a necessity in all kitchens but I feel that there almost needs to be a training plan in place to teach everyone how to work the blue roll– it’s not difficult it has a cardboard insert that needs to be pulled out in order for it to work in the holder correctly. There have been a crazy amount of times where the blue roll has left with the cardboard insert in it or half taken out.

3. Utensils Left In Containers
When clearing down at night all utensils left in service containers simply need to be taken out its fine for service times but it shouldn’t be left in overnight.

4. Using My Knife
I’m more than happy for you to BORROW my knives but please return it to me once you’ve finished (cleaned as well would be nice). Knives cost a lot of money, we each have our own for a reason.

5. Peelings All Over The Workstation
I’ve worked with a few Chefs over the years who literally peel carrots etc all over the floor I clearly don’t see the point its so much easier to have a waste bowl on your counter opposed to peeling them onto the floor and then having to sweep up the mess and put it into the bin.

6. Making A Hole In Cling Filmed Containers
I appreciate service times can be busy and stressful but needing something from a perfectly clingfilmed container during service then poking a hole in it and not recovering it again just not acceptable.

I’m sure I could go on forever with little pet peeves in the kitchen but these are just a few that grated (excuse the pun) on me in my years of working in the kitchen.

So what are yours?

Written by Orla Murphy,
Chef Consultant at Back-2-Front Chef Recruitment Agency.