Menu Description Dilemma

Do you have menu description dilemma?

So how long should your menu description really be? Normally longer than you think, but still short and sweet! I’m sure all restauranteurs go through this dilemma.

Your prime object is to invite the customer, offering them an enticing description that easily persuades them into ordering the dish.

How hard is it really to order something off of the menu? Here’s what goes through a customer’s mind when they’re reading the menu:

• ‘Have I had that before?’
• ‘Can I really afford that?’
• ‘Is that actually going to fill me?’
• ‘Should I get a side plate with that?’
• ‘Oh I don’t really like…’
• ‘I always have that’
• ‘But their having that I shouldn’t have the same’
• ‘Oh the waiter’s here now, quick hurry up’

It’s happened to all of us.

Help eliminate the stress of deciding by making your menu descriptions clear and easy to choose from.

If you only list the ingredients in your menu and not a description of the dish then you miss out on prime advertising value of the menu. Words such as slow-roasted, pan-seared, caramelised, line-caught, farm-raised or locally sourced give more of a feel to the menu and creates a descriptive dish for the diner.

A study from an American University found that there are 2 things that matters the most for diners; what they see and how they imaging it tastes. They also found that customers are willing to pay an average of 12% more for a dish with a better description. And that sales of food with a descriptive label rose by 27%.

To wrap things up you should keep your dish descriptions to a max of 2 enticing sentences. Beat the dilemma.

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