Lift your head up and save some time

Last week, I was walking past one of the team’s desk, when I noticed that they were struggling with a task.

Which TBH is performed on a daily basis.Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 16.00.47

Now, the reason I noticed this, was because with my knowledge the task in hand could be performed better with a little trick I learned a few years ago.

So after a quick 1-minute demonstration and training session, they are well on their way of saving at least 5 minutes a day on the for mentioned task.

The reason I felt I wanted to share this today, is as human beings, we soon get caught in a groove of routine.

Where sometimes the answer is ‘its always been like that’

However, with a fresh pair of eyes, you could save yourself a number of minutes across your day, week and year.

This simple trick has now saved the team over 20 hours a year!

20 hours a year that can be focused on tasks like recruiting Chefs, placing Chefs into jobs and keeping you happy.

So I have a quick Efficiency task for you.

Have a look at one task this week that you do on a daily basis and think how could I make it more efficient.