Keeping your Restaurant Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty

Customers can be divided into new customers and repeat customers. Attracting new ones is very important, but since over 60% of customers of a successful restaurant are repeat ones, it is evident where the focus needs to be placed.Customer Loyalty

Customer savvy restaurants and bars are cottoning on to the fact that offering ‘loyalty incentives’ to their customer base drives up repeat business.

Loyalty Menu.pdf

Coffee shops have been offering loyalty incentives for years. You probably have a card from your local shop in your wallet or purse; ‘buy five coffee’s, get the sixth free’, that kind of thing.

A really simple loyalty incentive is to deliver a discount card with the bill or receipt. You could offer a free starter, free drink, free dessert, whenever they next visit.

Once they present the card and get their freebie, ask for their email details or ask them to engage with your social media presence so they can get hold of more loyalty incentives.

Have a look at the infographic attached, to understand how putting loyalty on the menu can really help increase your repeat customer base.

Loyalty Menu.pdf