Keeping Customers Coming Back For More

Keeping customers coming back for more..

Did you know that although repeat guests typically only account for about 15% of a business’s customer base, they are usually providing at least 1/3 of the revenue?

Regular customers are the most desirable patrons because they already like your product. They like it so much that they keep coming, and they also tend to spend more than other customers.

Since they are likely to tell their friends about your restaurant, frequent customers are your best resource for marketing.

By focusing your marketing on your loyal customers you will;

– Increase frequency of visits by current customers
– Increase spend from current customers
– Strengthen the customers’ emotional bonds to your restaurant

Marketing Techniques
You should pick your marketing techniques carefully. A more upmarket restaurant would probably wish to avoid the ‘buy one get one free’ type of deal and instead focus on adding value elsewhere.

Encourage them to bring their friends
If you have a casual establishment, try “Buy One Get One Free” or “Buy One Get One Half Price” offers. If you use a promotion like this, make sure to track your number of visits. If guest frequency does not increase, this tactic is failing and you should retire it.

Entice them to try a new menu item
You might notice that few of your repeat customers are ordering dessert. You could use a promotion like “Buy a starter, get £2 off dessert.” If they like the dessert, they may come back and pay full price for it later. If your dessert sales go up, your promotion is working.

Make frequent customers feel special
This is especially important in formal restaurants. It can be as simple as remembering their name and greeting them personally each time they come. For second-time customers, it can be as easy as saying, “Thanks for coming back again!” This will strengthen the customers’ emotional bond to your restaurant and encourage them to spread the word about your great service.

These are some effective and inexpensive ways to get customers coming back to your establishment.