How will the 2017 General Election affect the Hospitality Industry?

General Election 2017 Hospitality Industry

Prime Minister, Theresa May shocked the United Kingdom yesterday by announcing that she is going to call a general election in 2017, as it is the only way to “secure certainty as the UK prepares for Brexit”.

Brexit concerns are estimated to be the main talking point of the general election, and hospitality trade bodies are preparing to discuss issues affecting the hospitality industry; such as the shortage of skilled staff due and the rise in food & drink prices post-Brexit.

The British Hospitality Association have been quoted in saying:

“Food and drink businesses could be left with a shortfall of one million workers within 10 years if migration is restricted after the UK leaves the EU.”

Many people working in hospitality welcome the general election in 2017 and think that it gives the hospitality industry a chance to make its voice heard.

Chief Executive of The British Beer & Pub Association Brigid Simmonds has said the industry needs to “continue to attract those with the right skills and maintain free trade with its neighbours.”

“Brexit also presents an opportunity to encourage the new Government towards a more favourable tax regime, especially for beer duty.”

“We will not hesitate to use the election to highlight both the challenges and the opportunities for brewing and pubs.”

Prime Minister, Theresa May cannot directly call an election and has to put it to vote in the Houses of Common, which takes place today. Two-thirds of MPs must back the election or it will not proceed.