Self Employed Chefs and IR35, How will it affect our Chefs?

Ir35 for Self Employed Chefs

Self Employed Chefs and IR35 comes into effect in April 2020.


Ir35 for Self Employed Chefs
What is our Take on Self Employed Chefs at  Back-2-Front Chef Agency


As part of the ongoing process to keep our Chefs up to speed with the plan moving forward, Chloe Cann recorded the following 8-minute presentation covering Back-2-Front's take on the fast-approaching change in law, covering Self Employed Chefs and IR35.

Please note that this is Back-2-Fronts stand on IR35 for chefs, and if you are a self-employed Chef or limited Company Chef, you should seek advice from your accountant.

This is Back-2-Front's plan when it comes to IR35 for Self Employed Chefs.
This is Back-2-Front’s plan when it comes to IR35 for Self Employed Chefs.


You can watch the video here.


If this is something that you feel will affect you, and you are interested in registering with our Chef Agency, please show register your interest on our Chef Job Form.  Alternatively, you can call the office on 0117 290 0390