How To Use “Pokémon Go” To Market Your Restaurant

pokemon go

You may be confused by what the title actually means.. and thinking “what is a Pokémon”?

Don’t stop reading- this does relate to the food industry..

“Pokémon Go” is a new mobile app that everyone seems to be playing at the moment, where players have the ability to catch Pokémon (pocket monsters) using their mobile phone. There are currently 21 million daily active users.

Players must travel around their town and explore in order to be able to catch Pokémon, who appear in random locations- using their map & mobile phone GPS. A bit Google Maps, but with different monsters popping up now and again.

Now, here comes the part which relates to restaurants.. there are things called PokéStops in the game, where players visit in order to stock up on free items, such as Pokéballs for example. These PokéStops are placed on random businesses around the world, such as restaurants, cafés and cinemas. The list goes on..

The exciting thing about this is that many cafés and restaurants have been taking advantage of the influx of potential customers who are hovering outside their door stocking up on items and trying to catch Pokémon. Many players play on the app when they are on their lunch break, at work or at college. That is great timing if you sell food and drink!

Here is an example of how 1 business is making the most of the situation:

pokemon go

However, it gets even more exciting..

You can purchase items called “Lures” on the app for just a few pounds, that you can place on a PokéStop which attracts Pokémon from all over to the PokéStop for 30 minutes.. This is great news for your restaurant if you have a PokéStop attached to your business. As it will attract players from all over town right outside your door, who will all be trying to catch these creatures.

There are also Gyms on “Pokémon Go” where players visit to battle other players in order to try and take over the Gym. These Gyms are also attached to businesses on the map system, just like the PokéStops are. This that you could potentially have people visit your business for lengthy periods of time trying to win battles.

So, why not entice these players inside for a quick snack whilst they are playing? You could be missing out on hundreds if not thousands of pounds by not encouraging players to enter your establishment whilst they are playing!

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