How To Spot Signs Of Work-Related Stress

How to spot the signs of work-related stress..

Kitchens and restaurants are busy, stressful places to work.

When you employ staff to work within your business, chances are you will need to deal with at least one occurrence of work-related stress.

Keeping an eye out for the signs of stress enables you to resolve any issues far sooner and far more smoothly than waiting until an employee is signed off or leaves.

The signs of stress may vary between individuals, but the following list includes the most common symptoms:

· A lack of interest in socialising with colleagues, particularly where the employee had previously been very involved in such events.

· Frequent sick leave.

· A decline in timekeeping and punctuality.

· Lack of concentration on tasks or when talking to colleagues or customers.

· Decreased patience and a higher level of irritability when dealing with other people.

· Poor personal hygiene and grooming or a noticeable decline in standards.

If you do notice any of these “red flags” in an employee, it is essential to deal with the issue as quickly and as discreetly as possible.

· Arrange a private meeting with the employee to find out if there is a work-related issue and, if so, what you can do to help

· Bear in mind that they may be reluctant to talk face-to-face, but it is fine to invite them to email you once they’ve had a chance to think about your conversation.

· Make sure you commit to doing what you can to make the situation more bearable. This may involve more regular reviews or additional training, as well as making changes to workload.

Hope you find this advice useful.