Don’t forget the Elderly

Pete Cann laughing with Rex - Age Uk South Glos
Pete Cann laughing with Rex - Age Uk South Glos
Pete Cann laughing with Rex – Age Uk South Glos

Last week I was donating my time at a local activity centre – run by Age UK South Glos, helping to cook a nutritious meal for 25 amazing people, all aged between 75 and 95.

It was very humbling being able to spend time with these people, talking about mealtimes, and growing vegetables in their allotments.

Mealtimes are an important time of the day, giving us the opportunity to sit and socialise whilst laughing and reminiscing of happy times.

“I do like scampi and chips’ said Rex (pictured), I used to grow my own vegetables in the garden, and really looked forward to fish on Fridays.”

Unfortunately, it was Wednesday and we had Shepherd’s Pie.

But he still cleared his plate!

“As I live on my own, I usually just eat what I have in the cupboards,” said Margret 88, “until I come to the centre, and have a really nice meal, and get to socialise with other people”

“It’s the only real time I get to see other people”

With the challenges everyone is facing, my thoughts have turned to the Elderly I spent time with last week.

Not all of them live in a care home, some live on their own next to somebody like you!

In this current climate, where everyone is uncertain and emotions are running high, panic buying, people stocking up on bloody toilet roll, not thinking of the wider picture.

Margret, Rex and thousands of other Elderly folk, are not being able to spend that one precious day a week interacting with other folks in the same boat.

So please people,




We are all in the same boat, some boats have bigger leaks than others, BUT we are all still in the same boat.

How can you help your Elderly Neighbours like Rex and Margret?

What can you do to make this uncertain time a little easier for them?

Why not drop a letter into the doors of your neighbors, offering support if they need it.

These Elderly have helped to shape this country, some already witnessing a war in their lifetimes!

Think, Be Kind, Be Supportive x

Stay Safe

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