Does Team Work make the Dream Work?

Last week, Rachel was off on holiday, which left a gap in our office.

Which got me to think about one of our core values – Team Work.

What does teamwork mean to you?

My definition of teamwork – is checking in with everyone at regular intervals to make sure that they are on target and whether they need any support.

Leaving them to crack on with their specific roles, whether it’s managing the Chef desk, recruiting new Chefs or finding new business.

When there is holiday cover, it is more imperative to make sure that the team is managing to cover the member of the team who is off, keeping the boat moving forwards making sure all things are covered.

Sometimes certain Chef jobs are put on the back burner, as there may not be time, however, by checking in regularly you are offering the chance to take on any tasks.

Team Work is really important in hospitality too – because there needs to be a fluid transition between,

Customers – FOH – Chefs – FOH – Customers.

Teamwork in the kitche
Teamwork in the kitchen

Giving the customer the experience that they value and want to return back.

If one of the links is broken, it does not take long for the whole boat to start taking on water – and I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Hopefully, this has got you thinking a little bit about your workplace, and whether Team Work is in place within the culture.

Or even think back to where the best place you worked that Team Work was embedded within the culture – You could even bring some of the systems and processes into your current workplace.