CV Advice For Chefs


CV’s can be a bit of a nightmare to produce, especially when you have a busy lifestyle and not a lot of spare time on your hands. However, CV’s are a must-have when applying for a new Chef job.

Here are our Top 10 tips for making it less of a chore and maximising its effectiveness to gain positive reactions.

1. Keep It Up-to-date

This will prevent you from having to start from scratch, trying to remember where you worked 7 years ago and what you did there.

2. Be Consistent and Concise With Previous Employment History
This is one of the most important parts to your CV and the first thing the new employer will be looking for. Make sure that the dates of employment add up, ensuring that you know what you were doing during the gaps in your employment history.

3. Limit Your CV
The longer your CV is, the less likely it is to be read. The recommended length of a CV is 2 A4 pages. You need to be precise and to the point. Remember- Quality not quantity!

4. Get Rid Of Irrelevant Information
That job you had in McDonald’s might have been relevant when you were 16 but it probably won’t help you get that job in a Rosette standard Restaurant.

5. Don’t Forget To Save Your CV In Several Places
You don’t want to have to re-write your CV and you want it to be available whenever you need it. Emailing your CV to yourself is a handy way of having it available wherever you go.

6. Identify Skills That The Company Is Looking For
Demonstrate that you have the skills that the company is looking for on your CV. For example- fish prep, pastry etc.. Get a copy of the job specification and line it up next to your CV, marking off each spec once you have wrote in your CV when you have demonstrated this skill in the past.

7. Use The Same Font Throughout
Your CV needs to look appealing, eye catching and look professional. Make sure to use a font type such as ‘Helvetica’ and not a font like ‘Comic Sans’- so you are taken seriously!

8. Teamwork
Being able to work well in a team is an important skill to demonstrate when working in a kitchen, along with the ability to work under pressure, here you can mention the volume of covers you have served in a sitting along with the teamwork that got the customers fed and happy.

9. Write A Cover Letter
Finally, when applying for a job, write a cover letter- which is a couple of paragraphs that brings out your personality and shows your enthusiasm for the position you’re applying for. It’s good for employers to be able to see your personality as well as skills.