Customer Habits That Annoy Your Waiting Staff


Unless you’ve worked as a waitress/waiter then you won’t know the annoyance that some customers can be… Luckily we do, so we thought we’d tell you to share our pain that we encounter from time to time.

Trying to change the menu – It just doesn’t work, the reason it’s been put on the menu is because that’s what the chefs have decided that’s what they’re going to cook and they have to right stock, ingredients and equipment to make it (although most kitchens have all the equipment they would ever need so that’s not really a problem). When a customer tries to change the menu it puts the waiting staff in a really difficult situation. How much are they going to charge for it? How are they going to tell the chef? Are other customers going to want this change in menu? It really creates a situation for you staff. It’s just a really annoying problem for your staff and a lot of them won’t know how to deal with it.

Claiming they have an allergy – Yes a lot of people do have allergies and they can be quite serious… But telling you waiter that you have a small ‘allergy’ to wheat or dairy and it makes you feel a little ill isn’t an allergy. If it makes your throat swell up, come out in a rash or cause toilet trouble then it’s worth mentioning, otherwise shhhhh. It causes a problem for staff because they have to then go back to the kitchen and check with the chef if it contains whatever the customer is allergic to and the chef at this point is probably a but ratty because he’s told them time and time again what it contains and who can’t have it.

Nasty customers – No one likes to be spoken nastily to, especially when you’re taking someone their food and waiting on them. If someone’s rude or horrible to a staff member then chances are they’re probably not going to get very good service from the waiter. Customers that click their fingers to attract the attention of waiters as well are highly annoying and rude. Waiters are not their pets, they don’t come rushing over to them as soon as they call, they have other tables to attend to not only theirs.

Staying too long – When there’s a queue of people waiting by the door to have a table it really doesn’t help that people just sit there and take all the time in the world to finish. Yes we want them to enjoy their meal and have a nice time. But when we’re really busy it really helps when don’t take as long. It causes an issue for waiting staff as they don’t want to start clearing the table when not everyone’s finished, even though they really could do with getting a head start on clearing and turning around the table ready for the next guests.

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