What culture does your chef job have?

This weeks email comes from a place of non-perfectness.

As we are constantly programmed to do everything perfectly and to master the tasks that we do.Perfect?

Especially when it comes to work.

However, here at Back-2-Front we have a different ethos.

We call it lessons learnt.

As we are all humans, there are times when things go slightly wrong, which can soon create a few issues within your work day.

Although, rather than having a culture where we hide from the fact that a mistake has been made, which can soon lead to BIGGER issues. We are firm believers in holding our hands up and taking responsibility for the mistake.

This leads to a couple of things.

  • You are always open to feedback, and that you are able to admit when you made a mistake. Which can create a positive open dialogue culture.
  • You have your eyes open, which in turn means that you are looking for a way to improve the process. There may be a more efficient way to perform the task. Helping our Chef Agency to grow stronger.

By asking the simple question – What Lesson have you learnt, opens you up to make things better for the future.

What culture do you have in your workplace?