Ctrl alt Del

Care Home Open Day

Yesterday Chloe and I came back to the office after spending a week in our caravan.

Usually, when I am away, I find it hard not to dip into my emails and see what is happening in the world of Back-2-Front.

However this time, I deleted my email from my phone.

I did, however, try and look at it most times that I picked up my phone, as my brain is programmed that way.

You know the loop – Email, Facebook, What’s App etc etc.

So, in a certain style, I was performing a Ctrl Alt Del with my mind.

Switching off, focusing on having some quality time with Chloe and the kids.

When I got back into the office, the first thing I was expecting was a barrage of things to fix,

However, nothing broke!

Nothing, Nada, zilch.

So, will I be switching off next holiday?

100% YES.

And if something breaks, then you can look at what needs to be adjusted to FIX it.

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