Chef Agency Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus Policy - Chef Agency

In response to the news of the coronavirus, we are taking the following action to safeguard our clients from its spread.

  • Communicate to all Chefs via email and text with the NHS guidelines on the virus, asking for confirmation of resent/upcoming travel and for Back-2-Front to be informed if they feel unwell. Confirmation that they have read and understood will be gained before they can work a shift.
  • If Chefs have visited a Category 1 country such as China, Iran, Daegu, Cheongdo provinces in the Republic of Korea, or any specific lockdown areas in Northern Italy (list is here). They will not be allowed to return to work for 14 days and must self-isolate).
  • If Chefs have traveled from any of the other high-risk areas on the NHS Website (click here) in the last 14 days, or display any of the symptoms, must ring 111 and inform Back-2-Front.
  • Back-2-front Chef Agency will await the outcome of the conversation from 111 and clearance that they can return to work.
  • All communication will be documented on the Chefs record and available upon request from the Chef Agency.
  • The information on this document will be checked and reviewed to reflect updates on the NHS website.