Commercial Kitchen Equipment Essentials


We put our brains together and compiled a list of all the essential equipment we think you would need for a professional commercial kitchen. Here’s what we came up with;

Stove Top – Every professional kitchen needs a stove top, preferably an induction one as these are much more energy efficient, cook food a lot faster and don’t radiate as much heat as traditional gas hobs.

Combi Oven – An oven that has several functions is a great space-saver in a professional kitchen.  Rational ovens are a popular choice for many restaurants and gastro-pubs as they are fairly compact and have the capability to cook, bake and steam a variety of different foods.

Deep Fat Fryer – Ideally a kitchen should have two fryers to avoid cross contamination of foods if a customer has an allergy.

Microwaves – Several microwaves are always handy in a commercial kitchen as they’re the easiest way to reheat pre-pared food for quick service.

A Griddle – If your restaurant serves any steak or burgers then a flat or ribbed griddle is essential to achieve the best flavour for your customers.  A water vapour chargrill is another great piece of kit for griddling without producing unnecessary smoke and will produce moist and tender results.

A Grill – They are usually found on wall mounted shelves above ovens or can be sited on a special built in stainless steel shelf unit attached to an induction cooking suite, so they don’t take up unnecessary space.  A grill is essential in a commercial kitchen as it’s the quickest way of finishing the tops of dishes such as lasagne, deserts and pies along with toasting bread.

Hot Cabinet – A hot holding cupboard and a bain-marie are essential in fast paced kitchens where food is prepared and kept warm ready for serving. This allows for much quicker service usually.

Commercial Dishwasher – Busy restaurants use a lot of crockery and cutlery on a daily basis so it’s important to have a dishwasher that can handle constant running during service.

Fridges/Freezers – It’s important to have an adequate amount of chilled and frozen storage within the food preparation area for items that are needed regularly throughout service.

Pans/Utensils – It’s vital to have a good variety of pots, pans and utensils for all purposes.

Extraction Canopy – A commercial kitchen creates a lot of steam and fumes with all of the different equipment running and cooking food releasing grease into the air so it’s important to have an adequate ventilation system.