Chef To Do List

The past week has been a real eye-opener when it comes to ticking off tasks and getting Sh!t done and completing a To-Do List. 

Having spent the past few months getting into a habit, which has included sending this weekly email out to you.Chef

You see, previously, it was an afterthought, to share my weekly thoughts with you.

However, especially after the responses that came to me after last week’s email, it feels only right to share why I hated double history.

BUT, also why it’s was an important part of my school week.

So, we all had a school timetable, which meant you knew what you were doing when with who and where.

So double history always fell on a Monday afternoon.

After lunch.

So I had just been playing football at lunch, having lots of fun, trying to score a goal, which was always a little hard, especially as I was in goal!

Why Pete are you telling me this? I hear you saying.

Well, by putting in a double blog and email sending on a Monday morning, you now get the pleasure of reading this every week.

So by setting a weekly rota, things are getting done each and every week, and not slipping to the bottom of the to-do pile.

Are you doing the same thing every week? With Checklists?

What could you make sure you do every week that fits into that double History slot?

Remember, it does not even have to be work-related.

It could be that you want to commit to going to the Gym every week, learning a new skill, connecting with old friends.

If you make a space in your weekly rota and make it a non-negotiable.

It will happen!

If one of your weekly tasks is to set your kitchen Rota, don’t forget, there is a bank of chefs here always happy to support you.

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