Chef Self-Isolating

Self-Isolating Chefs

As Coronavirus is really starting to take its grip on the UK, things are starting to become more important when it comes to a chef self-isolating.

So as part of our going process to attempt to curb the spread of Coronavirus, when the Chef replies to our text message, they are also confirming that they show no signs of high temperature or continuous cough.Chefs Self-Isolating

If they do feel unwell, the chef will self-isolate and stay indoors for 14 days as advised by the government.

A Chef Self-isolating is just an extra measure to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

If you would like to find out more about how Back-2-Front Chef Agency are supporting their customers when it comes to self-isolating chefs, please contact the office on 0117 904 10001

Or contact the office through our online quote form.