Why Your Chef Job is similar to running a Marathon

Is Your Chef Job is very similar to running a Marathon?

This weekend, I completed the Gloucester half marathon in just under 2hrs 15min, as its part of my training this year for the BIG one…


Whilst running for over 2 hours, I started to think about the comparisons to running a race, to running a busy service in your chef job.  Chef Job and Big Race

Here is what I thought.

Preparation: To run a marathon you need to be focused and prepared for the BIG day, similar to running a busy service, you need to have fridges full of prep ready to build each meal successfully and painlessly.

Focus:  To run a marathon, you need to have focus and vision on how the day will go, likewise, having focus and vision during your chef job, on how service will run, will help you to get through it smoothly, and tackle any issues effectively.

Practice: They say the marathon is the last 26 miles of your training when you are out pounding the pavements for months in advance of the BIG day. Likewise with service, the more practice you have prepping each meal and mastering your skills, the service becomes much easier.

De-Brief: Once the big race has finished, it’s important to rest between each race and make sure you stretch properly, thinking of what went well and why the race went as it did. Similar to post service, making notes and talking to your fellow Chefs about what went well, and what needed to be tweaked for next time is really important to master your skill.

So there you have my comparisons on running a BIG race versus a busy service.

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