Blowing Smoke

Here at Back-2-Front we love to make a great First impression, Cup of Coffee, a game of table football, a birthday video and even a welcome to the team card.

However, things can also go the opposite way to make a great first impression.beautiful-woman-blowing-white-powder-black-background_21730-8159

You see, it’s a fact, that when meeting someone for the first time, you are judged within the first 7 seconds.

That’s probably the same amount of time as it’s taken to read this sentence and understand what I just did there!

This story is all about a Chef who came in for an interview with us, creating a lasting first impression.

When we answered the door to him, he literally flicked his fag end onto the floor (outside our office) and proceeded in walking in – Still exhaling smoke.

Now I could stop the story there, however, this was at an early stage in our values, Where we were interviewing all Chefs, as we wanted to support all of our customers.

This chef carried on through the interview – all be it a shortened version, as we had made up our minds as soon as we had met him.

Don’t get me wrong, on paper he had the right skills and experience to work with us, however, we are all about our values.

As he would be representing us when he went out to work in a kitchen, and that’s not the way we like to show up.

First impressions are huge, and people remember them for a long time (this happened in 2017)