All he wanted was the Chef CV.

Last week saw lots of laughter in the workplace – which always make me happy. A happy team certainly makes the week run smoothly and helps you to deal with any issues with a lighter view. The only issue I did have last week, was having to record a 10-second video to put on ourRead More »

Are your tyres pumped?

This weekend, the family and I decided to go a bike ride – Charlies first 2 wheel adventure. All went well, apart from when we arrived at dinner at a national chicken chain restaurant. Usually, this chain has it all sorted, following systems and processes to make the whole customer experience flawless. However this week,Read More »

Ctrl alt Del

Care Home Open Day

Yesterday Chloe and I came back to the office after spending a week in our caravan. Usually, when I am away, I find it hard not to dip into my emails and see what is happening in the world of Back-2-Front. However this time, I deleted my email from my phone. I did, however, tryRead More »

What Is A Temp Chef?

Temp Chef, Temporary Chef, Relief Chef

Today I thought I would share with you what a Temp Chef is (otherwise known as a Temporary Chef or a Relief Chef). Rather than just doing it by myself I thought that I would coordinate my team to tell you 1 by 1 what they think a Temp Chef is.. Orla Murphy- Chef ConsultantRead More »