The Benefits Of Being An Agency Chef

Benefits Agency Chef

Have you ever considered being an agency chef? No? Well here’s some benefits to why you should become an agency chef!

Being an agency is effectively a zero hours contract, although a lot of people try to stay clear of them they can actually be quite useful. By having this contract it allows you to work as and when you want, within reason due to when the work is available. But if you join a large a well organised agency (just like Back-2-Front) then you won’t have any problems picking up work. Want weekends off? Easy, just say you’re not available. And you still accrue holiday pay as well which you can collect at any point!

By being an agency chef you get paid an hourly wage of anywhere from £10 to £15 depending on where it is and what level of chef you’ll be working as as well. Some agencies will even pay you petrol and travel time as well dependent on the distance of the job.

No job is ever the same, relief work is very varied. One day you could be working in a school, the next for an event caterer and then the day after a gastro pub. There might even be the opportunity for ‘live in’ accommodation during the job if it’s for more than one day.

Relief work is a great solution to having a go at working within the different sectors and finding out where you really want to work.

If you are a chef that wants to gain more experience, provide help and also get paid more then working for a chef agency is definitely for you!

All of these are massive benefits to you as a chef!

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