Owner of Back-2-Front Chef Agency shares some Joy

As an owner of Back-2-Front Chef Agency, I have certainly been affected in a number of ways by COVID-19, as I am sure most of you have been. 

Back-2-Front Chef Agency Help Spread Joy in these uncertain times.
Back-2-Front Chef Agency Help Spread Joy in these uncertain times.

Firstly, when all of the Pubs and Restaurants were closed, the business took a quick 40% nosedive of revenue overnight, where our Chef Agency was not required anymore, leaving chefs looking for work and wanting to know where they could find their next Chef Job.

Next up the schools were closed, which in turn left another dent of 30% of our business, where chefs were in school contracts, supporting the school kitchens to feed all the hungry pupils.

In 2 weeks, 70% of our revenue was switched off.

However, knowing that we are not the only business in this situation, especially being from a hospitality background, it soon became more important to look after our Care Homes.

So, as a Chef Agency, we came up with the idea of sending pictures of Joy to the care homes that we supply, by reaching out to the children that were stuck at home, getting under their parent’s feet.

Asking them to draw a picture to share with an elderly person that is stuck in Care Home, unable to see their relatives.

The response has been magical, and really has kept me focused on the main thing in the whole COVID-19 outbreak, spreading Joy.

We are all in the same ocean, in different size boats, however, you can help spread Joy throughout the ocean by spreading this message.

If you have any time on your hands and would like to send me a picture so I can forward it onto a care home to help make their day, please email penpal2020@petecann.com