Your Customer Journey

Last week I was sat in Tel Aviv airport, after our annual holiday to visit the in-laws, and once again the Israeli’s have created a hospitality email. Getting me thinking about how your Customer Journey flows? This time its all-around Efficiency and getting food at the airport. So firstly, picture this. I am sat with 800Read More »

Christmas Chef Cover

Christmas Chef Cover is so important. I know, I just said the C word! But, you know as well as I do, December is a busy time in Hospitality and we are about to go out and start taking bookings for the festive season. Your Christmas bookings are a key part of your business, and hereRead More »

Feeding Bristol – The results

Last Friday saw me sat in a room with other businesses from in and around Bristol, all sat listening to the amazing results from the Feeding Bristol Project that we supported throughout the summer. Feeding Bristol set out to feed 5000 school children, who are usually entitled to FREE school dinners – but during theRead More »

Chef of the Month – Celebrate the Small Wins

Last week we managed to get a picture of our Chef of The Month – Adam. Which got me thinking today, how often do you celebrate the good things, the small wins, the little achievements that take us to the BIGGER picture? It could be just patting yourself on the back for getting through serviceRead More »

Blowing Smoke

Here at Back-2-Front we love to make a great First impression, Cup of Coffee, a game of table football, a birthday video and even a welcome to the team card. However, things can also go the opposite way to make a great first impression. You see, it’s a fact, that when meeting someone for theRead More »

What are your Lolli Pops?

Last week we ran out of lollies in the office, and things did not feel right. Lollies? Pete? I hear you ask, why is such a BIG issue? Well, we have a box of lollies at the front door for any visitors to the Back-2-Front office. Giving them a little thank you for popping inRead More »

What Is A Temp Chef?

Temp Chef, Temporary Chef, Relief Chef

Today I thought I would share with you what a Temp Chef is (otherwise known as a Temporary Chef or a Relief Chef). Rather than just doing it by myself I thought that I would coordinate my team to tell you 1 by 1 what they think a Temp Chef is.. Orla Murphy- Chef ConsultantRead More »