Are your tyres pumped?

Chefs on a bThis weekend, the family and I decided to go a bike ride – Charlies first 2 wheel adventure.

All went well, apart from when we arrived at dinner at a national chicken chain restaurant.

Usually, this chain has it all sorted, following systems and processes to make the whole customer experience flawless.

However this week, they got something wrong.

When arriving at the door, usually you are greeted within record speed and offered a table or infirmed of the wait and added to the sheet, This week we were not even acknowledged.

There was one person working as a host, however, they were busy sorting the previous arrival, so it left us standing watching several empty-handed staff walking past, giving us a quick glance and walking on.

A restaurant of such size, you would have thought they had a system in place that said, if the host is busy, say hello to the customer and explain that the host will be there in a couple of minutes.


All of a sudden, you the customer would feel welcome and not like a bystander looking in on a game of hide and seek.

Back to Charlie’s first 2 wheel ride and the system I put in place. Before any bike ride, I make sure all tyres are pumped up, chains oiled and helmets are on handlebars.

Are all your systems in line?

Have you got a backup plan for when you are a little busier than usual?

Food for thought,