Advantages of working as a Chef in Care Homes & Schools

Chef Care Home

The Chefs who work the most hours for Back-2-Front Chef Recruitment Agency are the ones who have a DBS (Digital and Barring Service) and are working in schools, care homes and other establishments where there may be vulnerable people.

So, what are the benefits of working in a care home or school kitchen?

  • Care homes are open 365 days per year, which means that Chefs are regularly in demand throughout the year. You could potentially be working 5-6 days per week, even when the rest of the industry gets quiet.
  • The working hours for Chefs in schools and care homes are often Monday to Friday, 7am until 3pm- which means that you will be able to have evenings & weekends free, very rare for Chefs!

Sound good? Give us a call in the office on 0117 904 1001 if you want to get a DBS and work at a school or care home.

If you are interested in booking a DBS checked Chef in Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Cardiff and the surrounding area- We are aware of how crucial it is that our DBS Chefs know the ins & outs of textured diets, which is why we run our very own in-house training on textured diets. Ensuring that every DBS checked Chef that we send out to you has extensive knowledge of how to cater for different types of people, such as elderly people in care homes or people with certain disabilities.

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