9 Facts you didn’t know about Back-2-Front

9 Facts

Back-2-Front turned 9 years old this week- Happy Birthday to us!

Therefore Managing Directors Pete & Chloe thought that they would film a video letting you know 9 facts that you probably didn’t know about Back-2-Front..

Fancy a read instead?

1. How we met
Managing Directors Pete & Chloe have a long history of working in bars and restaurants and met whilst working in Pizza Hut 18 years ago. Chloe was the Waitress and Pete was the Manager.

2. Why we started B2F
Pete & Chloe went travelling around the world for 14 and a half months, and when they came back they returned to the jobs that they had previously. Pete unfortunately ended up getting laid off, which led him to think about the idea of setting up his own Chef Recruitment Agency with Chloe.

3. We used to work the shifts
When Pete & Chloe first started the business, they didn’t have much business at the time, as they were young and just starting out. After a few months they decided that to grow the business that they both had to work full-time in the business. Chloe was already working a full-time job and supporting the growth of Back-2-Front alongside it. She left her job to work at Back-2-Front, however the company wasn’t making enough money from Back-2-Front to support their lives, so decided that theyhad to work all the shifts at the beginning. Inbetween taking bookings, getting new business and recruiting candidates they were also going out and working many of the jobs themselves.

4. We still supply 3 clients
Back-2-Front are still supplying 3 of the clients that we supplied staff to back in 2009. The clients are Aardman Animations, SS Great Britain and Engineers House. Pete and Chloe have both worked at those venues when Back-2-Front first started.

5. We still have our first employee
Chef Consultant Orla Murphy was Back-2-Front’s first ever employee and she is still working in the company today. We must be doing something right!

6. Most Interesting Jobs
Over the last 9 years we have supplied staff to some really interesting jobs, such as supplying Chefs to the BBC for a comedy TV series. The series was based in a rosette environment so supplied the Chef that cooked all the food. Also, we supplied catering staff to a restaurant, which was situated 100ft in the air.

7. There have been 4 children born in the Back-2-Front years
Pete and Chloe have 2 children and Orla has 2 children since working at Back-2-Front in the last 9 years. That’s a lot of nappies!

8. How many jobs?
We didn’t have the database at Back-2-Front until 3 years into the business, however, we have supplied Chefs and other catering staff for 17,861 jobs. That’s a lot of people, jobs and food!

9. We disco every day at 2.30pm.
That’s right- we get up out of our seats and disco dance at 2.30pm every day- we even have a disco light which illuminates the office during this time as well. The team have been doing this for about a year now- and they love it!