8 Reasons Why Being A Chef Is Tougher Than People Think


Sometimes the media glamorize the job of being a Chef- with television shows such as “The Great British Bake Off” & “Master Chef”.

But all is not quite as it seems..

Here are 8 reasons why being a Chef is tougher than people think:

1. It’s difficult to have a social life
Most of the time you will be working hard in the kitchen whilst your friends are out partying the night away. Even if you do finish early enough to be able to meet up with your mates, you will be too tired and worn out from working an AFD.

2. You will often be phoned up on your days off
When you finally get a rare day off, a lot of the time you will be phoned up by your boss and asked to come in. Such as if the Chef who’s covering you calls in sick.

3. Relationships are hard to maintain
Being a Chef means that you will be working long hours most days, 12-hour shifts are standard in the Chef world. The average Chef will work longer hours than the standard 9 ‘til 5 job that your partner may be working. Chances are that when you finally arrive home you’ll be too shattered to do anything anyway. Which may cause tension with your other half.

4. You work on Public Holidays
People who work in other jobs will often get time off on public holidays such as Christmas, so they can spend time with their family and relax. However, Chefs show dedication by working on these days to feed customers who are having fun with their families.

5. Being off sick is sometimes frowned upon by some employers
Unless you are admitted to hospital, some Managers will expect you to still turn up to work bright eyed and bushy tailed. Chefs will often work alone in the kitchen, so if they call in sick the kitchen will often be in a panic and will rely on a Chef Recruitment Agency such as Back-2-Front.

6. It hurts.. a lot
Chefs spend long hours handling sharp knives, boiling liquids and hot items whilst being rushed off their feet. Therefore accidents in the kitchen are very common- your hands will always be covered in cuts, burns and bruises. Your feet will also be knackered from all the running around you’ll be doing.

7. Your work will be judged by keyboard warriors on ‘TripAdvisor’
There are not many other professions where employee’s work will be critiqued online by customers. But being a Chef means that customers will frequently give their opinions on what they thought of the meal that they have eaten, sometimes with photos attached. Obviously, this can be either positive or negative thing- depending on what they thought.

8. Your friends & family make you cook at every occasion
As your friends & family know that your job is to cook for people, they will often ask if you can cook at certain events such as barbecues. Can’t they just let you have a rest for once?!

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