7 Ways To Prevent Restaurant Food Waste

Food Waste

Approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted each year.

In 2011 the total cost of food waste generated within the UK was estimated at £2.5 billion. Which has now risen to £3.0 billion per year.

So what can you do in order to reduce food waste at your restaurant?

1. Are Your Food Portions Too Big?
If you find that Customers regularly leave leftovers when they have finished their meals- you should think about reducing the size of food portions. You will save money whilst reducing food waste at the same time. A good way to help reduce portion size is to use smaller plates.

2. Stop Overbuying Produce
Following on from Tip No.1- Do you find that your fresh produce goes out of date before you have the chance of using it? If so- you may be overbuying food. Think realistically about how much produce you actually need to cater for your customers. Think about the money you will save..

3. Put A Lid On It
Making sure you put the lid back on food tubs after using them is vital to preventing food waste. Think about putting signs up reminding staff to “put a lid on it!” after using tubs.

4. Recycle Food Waste
Make use of food waste that you collate by getting it collected to be made into compost. Turn something negative into something positive- that can help the environment by recycling organic resources whilst conserving landfill space. You can even give food waste scraps for farmers to use to feed their pigs!

5. Store Produce Properly
Food should be stored away properly in order to prevent cross-contamination and to extend the time of use. Store food away in resealable containers and in the appropriate place with the correct labels with date of storage. Use food labels to easily identify important details like what is inside the container, when it was delivered, and when it must be used by.

6. Donate Food You Don’t Use
Don’t throw away perfectly edible food- A quick Google search will provide you with a list of local food banks, that will gladly accept food donations from you.

7. Educate your Team
Educate your team about how to prevent food waste- so that you are all doing your bit to reduce it. Tell your staff the benefits of preventing food waste, and how it can benefit the business- by saving money which could be spent elsewhere in the company for example.

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