7 Tips On Preparing Your Restaurant For Christmas


Now that Summer is well and truly over with it’s a good time to start preparing your restaurant for Christmas. If you are unsure on how to prepare for Christmas, here are a few tips-

1. Cater For Everyone
It’s worth including a variety of different food and drink options to cater for the masses- as you will be experiencing a number of different customers over the Christmas period due to Christmas work outings and family meals. A lot of the customers may have never step foot in your establishment before. Think of allergens and include dishes that vegetarians and people who only eat gluten-free food will be able to eat. You want everybody to be pleased with the service they received, so that they can tell everyone how amazing your food was. Christmas is the perfect time to attract new customers and if you impress them they may become regulars.

2. Drinks Are Also Important
Having the right drinks on your menu is just as important as the dishes. Christmas time is the best time of year to sell pre and after-dinner drinks. Some options could include Christmas cocktails, mulled wine and egg nog.

3. Conventional or Unconventional Christmas Menu?
You need to think about whether you want your restaurant’s menu to be a conventional or unconventional Christmas menu. If you are going for the conventional option then you would have dishes such as a turkey roast dinner and Christmas puddings or mince pies for dessert. However some people may find the traditional turkey dishes boring so you may want to spice things up adding your own twist on Christmas dishes, by creating a “Christmas Curry” perhaps?

4. Use Social Media
Promote your Christmas menu with photos of the dishes. You may wish to do a photo shoot so it looks festive and more appealing. Talk about the quality of the food and where it comes from if this is something you can promote. Entice people with mouth-watering dishes- making them want to dine at your establishment.

5. Are You Charging Enough?
Many companies have found that the average customer is prepared to spend a bit more money over the Christmas period. Make sure that you aren’t underselling food and drink on your Christmas menu.

6. Think About Playing Christmas Music
Get customers in the Christmas mood by changing your usual restaurant playlist to Christmas themed music, such as “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. It has been said that customers spend more when Christmas music is played in the background. However, if you are going for the unconventional option for your menu, maybe you should stay clear from Christmas music, as customers may be confused.

7. Prepare Your Staff
Make sure that your team is ready, willing and able to handle the large volume of bookings that you will get with great service, friendly and efficient staff. It can take a lot of work for you to fill your restaurant and only one staff member to spoil it.

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